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        发布时间: 2020-5-13 17:39:40
        价格: ¥元/
        品牌: 大连市庄河市编程控制起重机√【厂家】
        规格型号: 起重机航吊航车 架桥机 提梁机
        联系方式: 17122577000
        最小起订: 1
        编号: 1081286349
        • 详细说明
        规格: 起重机航吊航车 架桥机 提梁机 品牌: 大连市庄河市编程控制起重机√【厂家】 产地: 河南新乡 运输说明: 汽运 咨询: 17122577000
        大连市庄河市编程控制起重设备√【厂家】Welcome to inquire about the sales of the company's manufacturer      

            Fan Pengxi has paid New Year's greetings to all the leaders and wishes them all the best in the new year.       
             New crane equipment products, the latest price quotation of crane equipment parameters, model specifications, sales telephone   
            1 ton, 2.8 tons, 2.9 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 16 tons, 20 tons, 32 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 75 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 180 tons, 300 tons of crane equipment  
        大连市庄河市 Crane
        大连市庄河市 Crown block
        30吨盾构用门式起重设备 Crane remote control
        核废料搬运起重设备 Sky Crane
        起重设备超速; Row crane
        滑轮组 Gantry crane
        50吨多功能限位器 Single girder crane
        80吨曲臂式升降机 Double-girder crane
        1TLX型悬挂起重设备 Bridge crane
        140吨葫芦吊钩组 Portal crane
        2T猫头吊小车 Explosion-proof crane
        8米电力电缆卷筒 Gantry crane
        8T液压货梯 Crane remote controller
        16T实验室行吊 Crane Sales Telephone
        1吨简易天车天吊 Hydraulic platform
        科布多 Electromagnetic sucker
        Corsica科西嘉岛 Electric hoist
        杜尚别Dushanbe Wire rope electric hoist
        波多黎各 Ring chain electric hoist
          Preferential supply of single girder, double girder, bridge, portal, skyscraper gantry crane and related ancillary equipment, lifelong free guidance! According to the lifting nature: mobile crane, tower crane, mast crane.            According to the driving points: one is centralized driving, that is, using one motor to drive the long drive shaft to drive the wheels on both sides; the other is separately driven, that is, the wheels on both sides are driven by one motor. Small and medium-sized bridge cranes are usually driven by brakes, reducers and motors in a "three-in-one" way. For the convenience of installation and installation, universal coupling is often used in the driving device of large-lifting ordinary bridge cranes.  
           According to the structure form, cranes are mainly divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type (bridge type, gantry crane), boom type (self-propelled, tower type, portal type, railway type, floating boat type, mast type crane), cable type.         
         Light and small lifting equipment light and small lifting equipment is characterized by light, compact structure, simple, operating range projection to point, line-based. Lightweight and small lifting equipment, generally only one lifting mechanism, it can only make a single lifting weight.  

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